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Merry Christmas Baby - Marty's Musings

We Interrupt this Regularly Scheduled Christmas Post

Yes, this season of Christmas joy has not been without its challenges and surprises. As many of you know my oldest daughter Rachel has been pregnant with our first grandchild. Her due date? January 13th. (You can read all about the announcement and the baby gender reveal party if you want to know more!) My DIY hubby of 27 years […]

Chalkboard Banner with Wood Slices - Marty's Musings

Chalkboard Banner from Wood Slices

  My Christmas village is one of of my favorite elements of our Christmas decorating. You can read all about the details of how we set it up. I say “we” lightly because I totally delegate it to the kids. It’s always interesting to see who becomes the chief and who becomes the indian. Know […]

Rustic Wood Tea Light Candle Holder - Marty's Musings

Rustic Wood Candle Holders

  Today I want to share a simple project my husband whipped together for me recently. Since he’s having rotator cuff surgery on Tuesday he’s going to be out of commission as my DIY partner in crime for a while. On a few recent Saturdays he worked tirelessly taking my every little whim and creating something wonderful. […]

Easy Cinnamon Roll Recipe for Christmas - Marty's Musings

Easy Cinnamon Roll Recipe for Christmas

I am always on the lookout for new recipes that are easy and my family will love. I scour yard sales for cookbooks, both old and new, to inspire me out of my routine baking and cooking. When there were seven of us living at home (plus three dogs, four cats and numerous other critters) […]

5 Minute Simple Christmas Craft - Marty's Musings

5 Minute Simple Christmas Craft

Sometimes the best projects are the easiest, but I’m afraid I often make things more difficult than they should be. Can you relate? This year my husband having two surgeries this month with the prospect of being out of work for several months means I’m definitely in a busier season of life. It’s not one that I relish […]

Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Soup - Marty's Musings

Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Soup and Mezzetta Memories Giveaway!

Many thanks to Mezzetta for sponsoring this post and inspiring my new favorite slow cooker recipe!   With a blog tagline like mine, “home is where your story begins,” you know that making memories is an important part of our lives. With two adult married children, a grandchild on the way and two teenagers living at […]

5 Practical Tips to Reduce Stress at Christmas - Marty's Musings

5 Practical Tips to Reduce Stress at Christmas!

It’s been an interesting week here at the Walden home. My DIY hubby had surgery on Wednesday with an overnight stay in the hospital. He’s doing well but we’re definitely out of our routine. Tim will also have rotator cuff surgery on the 16th and spend several months rehabbing after that. Since he’s a painting contractor […]

Slow Cooker Sausage Breakfast Casserole - Marty's Musings

5 Easy Meal Plans with Alexia Foods

Like many of you who faithfully read this blog, I am a working mom. Although blogging has introduced me to many wonderful people and companies and helped provide an income, my family still comes first. Feeding them is always a priority but finding the time to feed them balanced meals is still a challenge. Alexia […]

Blue Frozen Punch for Any Party - Marty's Musings

Blue Frozen Punch For Any Party!

I bet you thought I was going to tell you all about a kids Disney Frozen party!  Nope! No little kid’s party happening here but I did make a blue frozen punch that would be perfect for children or adults! Recently I hosted a baby shower for my daughter Rachel who is due in January. […]

Practical Tips for Surviving the Holidays - Marty's Musings

Thanksgiving Funny and Practical Tips for Surviving the Holidays

How were your Thanksgiving holidays? Are you full of stuffing and great memories?  I’m blessed to say this was one of our best Thanksgivings ever with scrumptious food, laughter around the table, the perfect Christmas tree and our favorite tradition of all, the family blessing jar. But one year our celebration wasn’t so perfect…….. The […]

Comforts from Home for Our Troops

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Marie Callender’s for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.   Almost every Saturday my DIY hubby works outside doing all those chores his allergy challenged wife has no interest in. That includes everything from lawn care to leaf removal and maintenance on the house. […]

Elite Blog Academy

Want to Make Money Blogging? Here’s How!

  I have been blogging since 2008 and what started out as a family journal of our road through adoption has turned into a full time business. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love what I do and the idea that I can make money blogging, but it is indeed work.  […]

Indian Corn on the Cob Shortbread Cookies - Marty's Musings

Indian Corn on the Cob Shortbread Cookies

  Q: What did the corn say when he got complimented? A: Aww, shucks! Q: Why shouldn’t you tell a secret on a farm? A: Because the potatoes have eyes and the corn has ears. Q: What did the baby corn say to the mom corn? A: Where is my pop corn? I am the […]

How to Cook Green Beans the Healthy Way - Marty's Musings

How to Cook Green Beans the Healthy Way

Are y’all awake out there? Did you catch that title? Go ahead. Read it again. I’ll wait. ~smile~ Was there one word that seemed out of place? No, it wasn’t “how to.” Or even “green beans,” although that may be a surprise, too, since there are no green bean recipes on my blog. It’s that […]

How my Adopted Daughter Inspires Me - Marty's Musings

How my Adopted Daughter Inspires Me

  My life changed when I decided in 2008 to have the courage to share our adoption story. It wasn’t a pretty story all wrapped up with a bow, but a story of heartache and loss, perseverance and God’s faithfulness. The lows were gut wrenchingly low and the highs were the ultimate sweetness. As I […]