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Not sure when or how to ask for professional help with a personal situation? Blogger Marty's Musings shares a personal story of encouragement.

Unafraid: Why I Went to See a Therapist

When I started this post several days ago I had no idea that our lives would again be filled with a new crisis with our adopted son. I just knew I needed help coping with my own feelings and hurts God had been revealing to me. As we continue to walk forward with our son, […]

This easy Mexican Taco Dip recipe is perfect for parties, sports events and even potluck dinners. This easy throw together recipe from Marty's Musings will be a favorite with family and friends.

Mexican Taco Dip Recipe

My husband may be a hazel-eyed blonde but somewhere in his DNA is a passion for all things Mexican food related. The hotter the better is his motto. As in hot sauce. And salsa. And hot peppers.   Blender brews that chase the rest of us out of the kitchen with tears in our eyes. He researches […]

DIY Bundle

Jump Start Your Creativity!

I have a passion for so many things creative, including transforming our home, churning out fun crafts, scrapbooking our family memories and decorating on a budget. Because you’re here visiting Marty’s Musings I’m sure you clearly love the feeling of creating something of your own, too – and you know that the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment […]

Easy Fudge Brownie Recipe and a Big Game Party - Marty's Musings

Easy Fudge Brownie Recipe and a Big Game Party!

“This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GameTimeMVP #CollectiveBias   So often we miss  out on the joy of community with others by believing parties and gatherings have to be expensive and completely from scratch. I want to change your mind and show you how to use inexpensive […]

Should You Give Up Your Dreams for a Better Plan? - Marty's Musings

Should You Give up Your Dreams for A Better Plan?

I first wrote this post in mid 2011, never imagining the progress my adopted children would make in their search for attachment. I was just clinging to God and hoping the pain wouldn’t last forever.   Even with all this progress, recent days have brought more heart wrenching revelations in our parenting journey, and I am transported […]

Easiest Valentine Gift Ever - Marty's Musings

Easiest Valentine Gift Ever!

These past few weeks I’ve felt like I was standing on the dock waving while everyone else pulled away from the harbor. I pride myself on being organized and put together. (Yes, God has been working on that little stronghold for a while now!) I love my job blogging and am so grateful for the […]

How to Teach Your Children to Give - Marty's Musings

How to Teach Your Kids to Give

  We may have just come through the most jolly season of the year and a retailer’s dream, but do you feel like you’ve just survived the apocalypse and your family priorities are all out of focus? Let’s face it. None of us were born naturally generous. I have my first grandson now and believe me, when he […]

How to Install a Kitchen Sink - Marty's Musings

How to Install a Kitchen Sink

  Disclosure: I was provided with product from Westside Wholesale but all opinions are my own. It’s the start of a new year and I’m excited to share with you just a teeny sneak peek of our kitchen makeover. When we found out that my DIY hubby was going to have rotator cuff surgery in […]

Marshmallow Snowman Craft (you can eat!) - Marty's Musings

Marshmallow Snowman Craft (that you can eat!)

  We’ve just survived the holidays, waved goodbye to 2014 and said hello to 2015. You know what is probably around the corner? This lovely white stuff that is beautiful to look at and often treacherous to drive in. That’s right. It’s the most wonderful “snowy” time of year. I freely admit I’m a southern […]

Healthy Dinner Ideas for Holidays and Beyond- Marty's Musings

Healthy Dinner Ideas for Holidays and Beyond

  How on earth is it already New Year’s Day? Is it just me, or did time really start flying this year? Somehow I don’t want to admit that it definitely has something to do with getting older.  My family embraces many traditions for our favorite holidays. Our best Thanksgiving memories center around consuming a […]

Top Blog Posts of 2014 - Marty's Musings

Top Blog Posts of 2014

  Each year I try to pick a word that I feel God is pressing upon my heart. Just one word that will indicate an overarching goal or idea for the year. My word for 2014? Simplify.  Has the laughter ceased yet? What was I thinking with a word like that? It was an invitation for […]

7 Creative Storage Ideas for Christmas Decorations - Marty's Musings

7 Creative Storage Ideas for Christmas Decorations

After all the celebrating and family activities are over, do you immediately take down your Christmas decorations or do you savor every last day you can? I’m somewhat of a mixture of both. Some years I am so ready to reorganize my home that I attack the tree and Christmas village enthusiastically in hopes for a […]

2014 Christmas Home Tour - Marty's Musings

Perfectly Imperfect Christmas Home Tour

  Why yes, I am a little bit late sharing my Christmas home this year.  What? You haven’t heard the news? My DIY hubby had rotator cuff surgery and my first grandbaby was born the very next day, four weeks premature. Aiden James Baldridge weighed in at 7 pounds 6 ounces and was ready to make his […]

Easy Ice Cream Cake with Rice Krispies - Marty's Musings

Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe

As any member of my family can attest, I love ice cream.  Like, really luuuuuvvvve it. (My husband, like, hates it when the kids say that. Like, know what I mean?) Any day, any season, no matter the weather. Y’all may be drinking coffee and eating candy canes but I guarantee I’m eating ice cream! I truly […]

What No One Wants to Talk About at Christmas - Marty's Musings

What No One Wants to Talk About at Christmas

Today I went into the attic and pulled out the baby clothes I had saved from my two biological children. It’s been years since I tenderly went through them. I touched them almost prayerfully, letting the memories roll over me in waves. As a new mother you can never imagine that the little infant you cradle […]