15 Easy DIY Christmas Crafts and Projects - Marty's Musings

31 Days: 15 Easy DIY Christmas Crafts and Projects

When I started my series 31 Days to a Beautiful Home on October 1st I had no idea if I would finish on time, or even reach the finish line. Yet here I am! If you’ve been following along I’m so grateful for you! These last 31 days have been a labor of love. I’ve […]

Simmering Homemade Potpourri - Marty's Musings

31 Days: Simmering Homemade Poptpourri

When you walk into your home what do you see? Is it cluttered or clean? Messy or orderly? What sounds do you hear? Is it the sound of your beloved pets welcoming you home or the laughter (or bickering) of children? What do you smell? Pet odors or air freshener? Your spicy garlicky dinner or […]

Mason Jar Labels, Tags and Free Printables - Marty's Musings

31 Days: Christmas Mason Jar Labels, Printables and Giveaway!

I’m excited to be joining with Crafty Hangouts this week sharing a fun and easy project for the holiday season. These Christmas mason jar labels are so easy to make using supplies from OnlineLabels.com. Since mason jars are all the rage and I love to give homemade gifts at Christmas I decided to create labels that could easily […]

Family Blessing Jar - Marty's Musings

31 Days: Family Blessing Jar and Instilling Gratitude

  Do you ever feel pulled by the demands of family, job, school, church or outside activities? Of course you do! You are probably especially feeling the pull of this busiest season of the year as we race towards Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. I will be honest and say that this year as a work […]

Easy Fruit Salad with only 4 Ingredients - Marty's Musings

31 Days: Easy Fruit Salad with 4 Ingredients

  I found this easy fruit salad recipe in an old Gooseberry Patch recipe book and it became a family favorite in about five seconds flat! Which is exactly how long it took my kids and their dad to devour it! You know I’m all about simple, not only in our DIY home projects but also in feeding […]

Bethel Music "We Dance" - Marty's Musings

Bethel Music “We Dance”: Simple Gift Sunday

  This is a sweet, sweet song that’s new to me. As usual I found it when listening to my Ipod, relaxing in the rocking chair that holds memories of babies rocked, books read, with debates and long talks finishing out many a day. There is just a passion in this Bethel Music “We Dance” video that […]

The Day I Flunked My Homeschool Kid - Marty's Musings

31 Days: The Day I Flunked my Homeschool Kid

  It was just one of “those” mornings. The type of day that had been happening over and over for several months in our homeschool life. I went to check schoolwork and either it wasn’t turned in, printed or couldn’t be found. One day I even had the tried and true excuse that the dog […]

How to Stain Your Wood Deck - Marty's Musings

31 Days: How to Stain Your Wood Deck

  I hope you’ve enjoyed following along on our journey as we’ve updated our 1950’s ranch home with a deck on the front. If you haven’t read the story you can start with Part One, go on to Part Two (where I rock a jackhammer!) and the deck reveal. Here’s a reminder of where we started. […]

Slow Cooker Potato Soup - Marty's Musings

31 Days: Slow Cooker Potato Soup

I have been blessed to be a stay at home mom for a majority of the past 25 years. When I gave birth to my first child I had no idea what it would look like so many years later. I just knew I loved my little one with unbelievable passion and wanted to somehow be […]

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas - Marty's Musings

31 Days: More Tips for Easy Fall Decorating

  It’s been an interesting process these last few days as I’ve committed to writing my series 31 Days to a Beautiful Home. I have so many projects, ideas, tips, parenting struggles, faith stories and recipes I want to share. I’m not sure I should tell you this, but I couldn’t possibly run out of […]

Cookie Monster Brownie Cookies - Marty's Musings

31 Days: Cookie Monster Brownie Cookies

  Are you a fan of Sesame Street? Do your kids watch or is that too old fashioned these days? The show is about 45 years old, but I have to admit that I never watched it growing up. There was little tv watching in our home (on our old black and white tv and yes […]

Inexpensive Fix for Your Decorating Challenges - Marty's Musings

31 Days: Inexpensive Fix for Your Decorating Challenges

   Are you bored with your home?  Or do you think you’re stuck because you can’t afford to make changes? I want to encourage you to share an inexpensive fix for your decorating challenges! My weapon of choice? Paint! One of my favorite ways to change up my home decor is by the use of paint. […]

Hillsong Worship song "Stronger" video and devotion from Marty's Musings

31 Days: Hillsong “Stronger”: Simple Gift Sunday

  Every Sunday for the past two years I have linked up a youtube worship video of some kind, whatever God was laying on my heart that week. My desire is still just to use Sundays as a time of reflection on faith and family. Some Sundays you might find a video here and sometimes it […]

1000 Posts and Giveaway - Marty's Musings

31 Days: 1000 Posts, a Piece of my Heart and a Giveaway!

   To say the number 1000 is unbelievable to me is an understatement.  Today is my one thousandth post. That’s a lot of words, y’all. I shake my head in wonderment because I am utterly amazed that I have written 1000 posts. Posts that began with a very real desire to connect with other moms […]

Affordable Home Office Furniture - Marty's Musings

31 Days: What Does This Blogger Mom Do All Day?

Blogging started out as a release and creative outlet for me in 2008. In March of 2012 I started researching blogging for income and I spent six months learning and making some choices for my future. Fast forward to today. I’m still a homeschooling mom with two 10th graders, but I’m also a full time […]