Christmas Surprise

Time has seemed to stand still and also pass quickly by at the same time today. After so many phone calls yesterday about my mom’s passing today was blessedly quiet. I’ve had trouble even remembering what day of the week it is. We actually all slept until almost 10 (I was up earlier getting the french toast casserole in the oven) and we started a new tradition for us. Each child got a stocking full of goodies but we did a big Christmas present for the whole family, a flat screen TV. We did a few smaller things for the younger kids and gave each other DVD’s so that we could all watch some new movies. Rachel made sausage gravy and biscuits, S had made cranberry orange muffins and we had this delicious baked french toast with cream cheese and blueberries. We are not huge breakfast eaters but this was Rachel’s suggestion for something different to do this year. I love finding ways to start new traditions to keep our family tied together.

Tim read the Christmas story while we sat by the tree and I finished up reading Jotham’s Journey, which was our book for the Christmas season. It’s our 2nd time around with this series and it’s still one of my favorite family books. We finished watching Night at the Museum 2 and then watched Despicable Me (I nodded off during this one.) We played Phase 10, watched Blind Side then Joshua, Tim and I played Sequence. A full day, with lots of chattering, a bit of bickering, laughs and moments to remember my mom. Such a blessed day. The biggest surprise of all? It snowed all day! We have about four inches and are expecting more. This is a big deal for NC! It’s the most snow on record for Christmas Day. I want to believe my mom sent down this special treat to encourage us to celebrate and not mourn.


  1. I’ll bet she did. Merry Christmas :)

  2. Just catching up, so sorry to hear that Christmas was also a sad time for your family. May you always remeber the good times.

  3. I’m sure you have mixed emotions between relief and sorrow.

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