Project Life May 2012

For this month in May I used a standard Project Life page protector and one that allowed both portrait and landscape pictures. Very simple layout but I love it.
The left page and two pictures on the right are of some of our animals: our black lab Amy, our boxer Annabelle, our cat Callie (the wet freak on the left) and our newest family member Lillie. (And yes, if you are a Walden pet you need your name to end in the long e sound.) The only animal not pictured is our dog Holly (once again, the long e sound).

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  1. What cute pets! I love furry friends.

  2. What a gorgeous family you have. Very blessed, you are. I like the idea of basing each spread around a theme or event as well. Will have to keep that one up my sleeve!
    Ronnie xo

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