52 Lists in 52 Weeks #30 Unusual Searches Used to Find My Blog

List #30

Searches people use to find my blog:

long hairs son want ponytail
cake room organization
noah’s first shave
wearing daddy’s tie
mud fun
kids vacuuming the floor
why are boys taller

his earrings
scrapbook table in my closet
homeschool mom sticker
marty walden, motorcycle
family pictures in white shirts
magic bullet
beth moore poem about grandmother
marty’s stained glass
“chopped it off” long hair
poor lil beach girl rag rugs
abandon god images

Do you know how people find your blog? If you’re on Google Blogger click on 
your blog.

Click on stats (on the left bar).

Click on traffic sources.

Under traffic sources will be search keywords. You can click in the upper right corner to 
select  now, day, week, month or all time. It’s fun to see how your blog turns up in searches 
“out of the norm!”

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  1. Haha! Those searches crack me up! I think the long hairs son wants pony tail is one of the oddest.
    Hope you’re having a great week!

  2. I agree it can be fun to occasionally check out how people get to our blogs. I’ve had a few odd keywords in the past too. Google’s ways to bringing people to our spaces are very mysterious. :)

  3. The odd keyword searches can definitely inspire a new blog posting. I’m now your latest follower through MadeInaDay Blog Hop.

    Best regards,
    Award-winning Children’s Author
    Write What Inspires You Blog

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