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One of my favorite finds recently was some new table linens. The item on the left is a harvest tablecloth which I will use for Thanksgiving. It looks brand new and only cost $3. The other two items are table runners and I’ll use them to dress up my ordinary kitchen table or on our sofa table behind the couch.

I love the tablecloth I found below for $3. It’s hard to tell, but it’s white and looks like an heirloom cloth. There were a few yellow stains, but that’s just all a part of the history! The material is thick and will last well.

Here’s the tablecloth in use for a dinner with our pastor and his wife.
My family thinks I’m slightly obsessed with all things related to plates and silverware. On the same Saturday I scored the linens I also scored with a twelve piece set of everyday silverware that is heavy duty and better than the mismatched ones I was using($3 for the whole set). I always save my extras for my college son or for later use in an apartment (and I got the wooden silverware divider for free!)

Anyone score any deals? How has the yardsaling been this summer in your neck of the woods?
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  1. All your table linens are lovely. And what a great find the cutlery is. x

  2. Great finds. Yard saling has been a little slow this summer. I have been to some fun estate sales though.

  3. I love plates and silverware too! I love finding vintage linens, people don’t appreciate them much anymore…I find them fun! (Just look at my shop to see the finds I have had..)

  4. Love the linens! I’m having a Thrifty Thursday link party next Thursday! Hope you can link up :)
    xo sandra

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