Easy Lemon Cream Pie Recipe

Lemon Cream Pie from Marty's Musings

Beach breezes blowing through your hair.

Warm sun on your face.

Family picnics.

Potato salad and strawberry popsicles.

There’s just something about summer that says relaxation and time standing still.

Making memories that harken back to childhood days when there were no deadlines, no schedule and no electronics.


Here’s one last hurrah.

Ice cold lemon cream pie.

Lemon Cream Pie from Marty's Musings


End of summer.

Does it really have to end?

Kids back to school.

Early mornings. Grumpy kids.

Deadlines. Grumpy moms.

Shorter days. Cold nights.

Lemon Cream Pie from Marty's Musings

I’m feeling your pain.

I know it’s a little late in the summer season but I hope this recipe will help you embrace these last days of warmth.

Let’s think of all the positives and just enjoy today with the scrumptious deliciousness of this amazing dessert.

Seriously. How can you go wrong with sweetened condensed milk and whipped topping?

I can’t make time stand still, but this easy lemon cream pie recipe will help you feel the senses of summer all year along.

Lemon Cream Pie from Marty's Musings

Light and creamy, tangy but not too tart.

My husband said this was possibly his favorite pie ever.

Now go have fun before your mom calls you in for dinner!

Lemon Cream Pie
Serves 16
This delicious pie is easy to make and a crowd pleaser as well!
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  1. 1 12-oz. can frozen lemonade, thawed
  2. 2 14-oz cans sweetened condensed milk
  3. 2 8-oz containers whipped topping, thawed
  4. 2 tbs lemon juice
  5. 2 9-inch pie crusts
  1. Bake pie crusts according to package directions.
  2. Combine lemonade, sweetened condensed milk, whipped topping and lemon juice in a large mixing bowl. Beat for 1 minute with an electric mixer set on medium.
  3. Spoon into crust and refrigerate for 2 hours.
  4. Garnish with Rediwhip as desired.
  1. This recipe can also be served frozen. It does not get an icy texture by putting it in the freezer but just allows the ingredients to gel further.
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  1. These look so good! I would love to try them all, but doc says no sugar, dangit!!

  2. Loved this post. Such rhythm to it. And can’t wait to try to the pie. Love lemony desserts.

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