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5 Minute Christmas Cards

5 Minute Christmas Cards 

My life has always seemed busy.

Giving birth to two children and adopting a sibling group of three more.

5 Minute Christmas Cards

Homeschooling for 19 years with four more to go.

Church ministry and activities, sports and music lessons.

Caregiving for elderly parents.

5 Minute Christmas Cards

After years of 24/7 commitment to my family, I am now spending my time juggling between homeschooling our two youngest children, being present for our adult children and pursuing blogging full time.

As much as I love giving homemade cards it just isn’t happening for me in this stage of life.

Last weekend I went on a 3 day scrapbooking retreat and caught up with 6 months of Project Life. Oh, boy, how ridiculous to get that far behind!

I ended up with just a few minutes left at the end and I whipped up these cards in a flash. 

They are perfect for the crafter yet easy enough for the novice.

Want to give them a try?

First you need to buy some 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock. This pack was on sale after Christmas last year at Michael’s and I snatched it up for pennies. You can use solid colors, but I love patterns.

5 Minute Christmas Cards

Here are the rest of the supplies you will need.

5 Minute Christmas Cards

The ribbon was also purchased after Christmas at various craft stores.

I got the double sided tape at the dollar store. Choose tape based on the width of the ribbon.

The large pop dots were bought with a 50 percent off coupon.

Guess what? The wooden craft doodads were on sale after the holidays, too. Imagine that!

Cut your cardstock in half (5 1/2 x 4 1/4). 

 5 Minute Christmas Cards

 Fold or score the paper in half. 

5 Minute Christmas Cards

Add a strip of double sided tape horizontally across the middle (or vary it and create some that are vertical). I just eyeball this. I don’t measure.

5 Minute Christmas Cards

 Lay the ribbon on top of the tape.

5 Minute Christmas Cards

 Trim the ribbon even with the sides.

5 Minute Christmas Cards

 Add a large pop dot to the back of the wooden embellishment.

5 Minute Christmas Cards

 Center your snowflake (or other embellishment) and you’re done.

5 Minute Christmas Cards

 You can use any kind of ribbon you like. I happen to have a rather large ribbon collection.

5 Minute Christmas Cards

Be creative with your use of embellishments. Try a sticker backed with cardstock or use buttons or silk flowers. 

5 Minute Christmas Cards

You can translate this idea to any season or occasion for a homemade card. Change up the ribbon, cardstock and embellishment and you’re ready!

5 Minute Christmas Cards 

 These cards might require a bit more postage because of the weight. Check with the post office to be sure if you are mailing them.

5 Minute Christmas Cards

 Want to see more of my crafty Christmas goodies? Here’s a fun scrapbooking layout for Christmas.

Christmas Scrapbooking Layout

We love using fence boards in our decor and this rustic Christmas tree is a favorite.

Fence Board Christmas Tree from Marty's Musings

No mantel? No problem! Here’s my solution!

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  1. Nice Marty I love the red with snowflakes they just pop!

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