Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes from Marty's Musings

Christmas is always a bittersweet time for me as the memory of my mother’s tragic death in 2013 mingles with the blessed celebration of all our children home for a few hours.

I know I’m not the only one who struggles with loss this year, and I want you to know I care.  

I understand.

You are not alone.

Hug those you love a little harder for me, will you?

I pray your Christmas will be blessed with family, friends and memories to last a lifetime!

Christmas Wishes from Marty's Musings

My present for you today is this jubilant Christmas video! Merry Christmas!


  1. Dearest Marty,
    You have the sweetest heart! Your heartfelt words are comforting to me this Christmas. My precious Mother slipped away into the arms of her Savior on Thanksgiving morning. As I grieve I am reminded that this is her first Christmas in heaven. I pray you find comfort my dear blogging friend.
    Blessings and warm hugs,
    My blog has sat dormant over the past several months as I have helped care for my Mom. I look forward to returning to blogging in the coming months.

  2. Denise Williams says:

    Marty and Carolynn
    This is my first year without my Mom for Christmas since 1966. She is in a private home and has ALZ. We lost a family member recently and this was shared with me – Hope it touches both of your hearts:
    My First Christmas in Heaven

    I see the countless Christmas Trees around the world below, with tiny lights, like Heaven’s stars, reflecting on the snow. The sight is so spectacular; please wipe away that tear; For I am spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.
    I hear the many Christmas songs that people hold so dear, but the sounds of music can’t compare with the Christmas Choir up here. I have no words to tell you, the joy their voices bring, For it is beyond description to hear the Angels sing.
    I know how much you miss me, I see the pain inside your heart; but I am not so far away. We really aren’t apart. So be happy for me dear ones. You know I hold you dear. And be glad I am spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.
    I send each of you a special gift from my Heavenly home above; I send you each a memory of my undying love. After all, “Love” is the gift more precious than pure Gold. It was always most important in the stories Jesus told.
    Please love and keep each other, as my Father said to do, for I can’t count the blessings or love he has for you. So have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and wipe away the tear. Remember – I’m spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.

    • Denise, I’m so sorry about your mom. I do know how hard that is and understand that it’s part of the grieving process, but it hurts. I have seen that poem before and appreciate you sharing here for my readers.

      Have a blessed Christmas day!

  3. Dearest Marty and Denise,
    We are truly kindred spirits. Thank you both for your loving words. My heart is lifted up on this beautiful Christmas morning. Oh, Denise…Thank you for sharing such a sweet description of Christmas with Jesus! I will be calling each one of my siblings (all five) to share it. This Christmas God placed two precious gifts under my Christmas tree…the two of you…Marty & Denise!
    Blessings and much love to you both,

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