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Wired Photo Frame for Wedding or Anniversary

Wired Photo Frame - Marty's Musings

  Today is my anniversary. 27 years of wedded bliss. Maybe not always bliss, but my DIY hubby never fails to make me laugh. Even when I don't want to. For our Valentine's Day anniversary I made him this wired photo frame.  And he painted our bedroom. Win-win. Okay, maybe I'll throw a pizza in the oven, too. It's … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Tablescape

Valentine's Day Table Setting - Marty's Musings

  I had this wonderfully sentimental, perfect table setting post to show you all last Friday. Then the computer ate it. Buh-bye, sayonora, adieu, adios, and it was gone. I may have even cried a few tears over it. Okay, maybe a lot. I'm not telling ~smile~ But then, miracle of miracles, it came back.   And then the … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Love Story

25th Wedding Anniversary from Marty's Musings

I have many new readers (thank you so much for joining me!), and I wanted to share our personal Valentine's Day love story here this year, reliving a spectacular, once in a lifetime celebration. It was the  ultimate surprise. one year ago …... Unbeknownst to me, my family (specifically my husband, oldest daughter and niece) had been … [Read more...]

Valentine Decorating Ideas

Valentine Decor from Marty's Musings

Such a lovely picture of my now almost 15-year-old daughter. The dress was a $2 bargain from Goodwill. That cute smile. Priceless. She practically wore that dress to pieces. I helped it along a little. Look at that lovely white eyelet material. And that pretty pink waistband. Did you see the pink tulle peeking out … [Read more...]

Sweet Nothings: Simple, Crafty ways to Show Your Love and a Live Google+ Hangout!


I’m very excited to be joining with some other talented bloggers for a series of live Google+ and YouTube broadcasts for Valentine’s Day. All this week, bloggers are sharing their ideas for Valentine’s crafts, gifts, treats and projects. I’ll be joining Amy from in a live Google+ hangout on air tomorrow (Feb. 7) at 1 … [Read more...]

Valentine Marshmallow Pops

Valentine Marshmallow Pops from Marty's Musings

I love finding new goodies to make for this most special day of the year and Valentine Marshmallow Pops are my new favorite! Ever since my daughter's wedding I have enjoyed making these for our Christmas parties and other festive occasions. Besides tasting great, these little bits of marshmallow goodness are also a fun addition to a holiday … [Read more...]

Valentine Centerpiece

Valentine's Centerpiece from Marty's Musings

  As I was putting away the Christmas decorations I was already thinking ahead to Valentine's Day, just about my favoritest holiday (my anniversary and chocolate hearts all rolled up into one!) Visions of red burlap, white lace and pearls were dancing through my head. After lugging my decorations down from the attic I pondered … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Crafts and Recipes

25 Sweet Ideas for Valentine's Day from Marty's Musings

Last Valentine's Day my husband Tim and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Yes, we did indeed get married on Valentine's Day. Tim always says it was so he could remember the date! My husband and family pulled off an amazing surprise 25th Anniversary Vow Renewal Service. I was literally blindfolded ,taken 45 minutes away ( long car … [Read more...]

Where to Store Gift Cards for a Wedding

Where to Store Gift Cards for a Wedding - Marty's Musings

Last fall was a blur for me: taking our oldest son to college and preparing for our daughter's wedding. Lots of emotions and crafting and planning and doing. After the wedding I was just plain tired! Now that I've recouped (okay, maybe it didn't take me almost a year) I wanted to share some of the crafty details of the wedding. This was … [Read more...]

Frozen Jello Punch

Frozen Jello Punch from Marty's Musings

My family adores this frozen jello punch recipe! I've served at my daughter's wedding, our 25th wedding anniversary, yearly Christmas parties, baby showers and birthday parties. I often use a punch bowl but I have also used a beverage dispenser and love the look. However, honestly, you can't dip out the fun slushy ice from this dispenser so it … [Read more...]

25 Year Wedding Anniversary Photo Booth

man with paper hat and woman with kiss me sign photographed inside white frame

One of my most favorite parts of our 25th Wedding Anniversary celebration was the photo booth idea. Since I'm the scrapbooker/blogger/family historian for my family I absolutely love the fun side it brought out in my family and friends. All that was needed was a sheet (for the backdrop), some lights, a picture frame and a few props. All sorts … [Read more...]

25 Year Wedding Anniversary Party Decor Ideas

25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

  For our 25th Wedding Anniversary Vow Renewal service my niece and oldest daughter plotted and planned for the reception that followed. (Jennifer and Rachel also designed and implemented Rachel's wedding theme.) For our anniversary they used the basement of my daughter's church and did a great job transforming it into a beautiful … [Read more...]

25th Wedding Anniversary Party

25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

For our 25th wedding anniversary "date,"  all I knew was that my husband was dressing in a suit and that we were going to dinner at 4:30 Friday afternoon (Feb. 10th). I was all excited because I was striving for  the "hot mama" look for my husband, complete with cute dress and high heels. (His reaction: "You're going to get cold in that." … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day

25th Anniversary Dinner

Yes, Valentine's Day was our 25th wedding anniversary. And yes, I'm aware that was a week ago. Better late than never on the details (and I haven't even started with our surprise vow renewal service!) Pinterest has a plethora of ideas for celebrations so I stole borrowed the idea of getting 25 balloons to represent our 25 years of … [Read more...]

Happy 25th Anniversary, Sweetheart!

25th Wedding Anniversary Vow Renewal Service

Ah, yes, old head shots. Wow. You were rockin' the mullet big time. I'm so proud. And that wasn't even my biggest hair. How could 25 years have gone by so quickly? It seems like yesterday that I was walking down the aisle with my dad to join hands with you. We were looking into each other's eyes and singing  "make of our hands one hand, make of … [Read more...]