Gender Reveal Party Banner

Gender Reveal Party Banner - Marty's Musings

Disclosure: I received free product and compensation in exchange for creating a project using products from Consumer All opinions are my own. The next few months will be exciting ones for our family. Other than normal school, work and church activities, my daughter Rachel and her husband are expecting our first grandchild … [Read more...]

Embracing New Motherhood: 5 Things I Wish I Had Known

Embracing New Motherhood 5 Things I Wish I had Known - Marty's Musings

I am walking through a season of life that is new and exciting yet also terrifying. I am no longer "merely" a stay at home mom. I am a work from home, homeschooling mom of teenagers. I am a soon to be a grandmother. A nana. A lover of a precious new gift. As much as I enjoy and embrace these days I also find myself floundering at … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Family Vacation

7 Tips for Family Vacation with Adult Children - Marty's Musings

  The years are passing even quicker now that we have adult children with spouses as well as two teenagers living at home. My oldest daughter is expecting our first grandchild and our oldest son just got married a few weeks ago. As our lives change our plans for vacation each year become more complicated! Last year … [Read more...]

Celebrating with TGI Fridays Restaurant and Some Exciting News!

Celebrating with TGI Fridays Restaurant - Marty's Musings

  When I wrote in this post that my life was definitely moving towards a new season, little did I know my daughter and son-in-law would have a little surprise for me on Memorial Day! Yep, they are expecting a little blueberry in January! We've actually known for a few weeks and Rachel managed to keep it from me for three weeks before … [Read more...]

Sara Groves “He’s Always Been Faithful to Me”: Simple Gift Sunday

Sara Groves He's Always Been Faithful

  My oldest son Joshua recently married his love Emmaline on a warm Friday evening in a beautifully tranquil outdoor park. All during the hours proceeding the wedding I was calm yet excited. I had celebrated my son's birth and life in this letter written to him the night before his wedding. I let all the emotions surrounding … [Read more...]

Matt Redman “The Father’s Song”: Simple Gift Sunday

Matt Redman "The Father's Song" video and devotion - Marty's Musings

  On this Father's Day we remember those men who are such an important part of our lives. My own father passed away in 2009 but I remember his life and rejoice that he is pain free and made new in heaven. Today I will celebrate the amazing man who is father to our children, the man who has changed and grown as a father in so many … [Read more...]

Letter To My Son on Your Wedding Day

Mother to Son on Your Wedding Day - Marty's Musings

  Letter to My Son on Your Wedding Day, My sweet Joshua, I'm fairly certain every mother says at one time or another: "I can't believe how fast the time has gone," but it's unbelievably, heartbreakingly true. On the eve of your wedding day, the most life altering day in your young life, I want you to know how grateful I am for the … [Read more...]

TobyMac “Speak Life”: Simple Gift Sunday

TobyMac Speak Life video and devotion

I'm up in the middle of the night wondering what God morsel God has for me. Do you ever do that?  Some things weigh heavy on my mind. Our oldest son Joshua is getting married in just four months. At that time his fiance will have just graduated from college, and our son will still have at least a year and a half left with seminary … [Read more...]

Raising Healthy Kids in a Busy Family

Raising Healthy Kids from Marty's Musings

I am the mom of five children, both adopted and biological, ranging in age from 14 to 24, with a son-in-law thrown into the mix! We now only have 2 dogs and 2 cats. The most we ever had squished into our 2000 sq. ft. ranch home was 5 kids, 3 dogs, 4 cats and a variety of hamsters, guinea pig and fish! We are a homeschooling … [Read more...]

Jaci Velasquez “Lay It Down”: Simple Gift Sunday

Lay it Down

Sometimes my heart just aches over my children. Not because of choices or circumstances or influences. But in the crushing reality that our earthly life is so hard. Our family knows hard. Our family knows pain. And this overwhelming sense of unrest before surrender sweeps over me. I know that you know that my heart is … [Read more...]

Music is in Me: Scrapbooking Layout

Music in Me Layout from Marty's Musings

Since I went scrapbooking last weekend I thought I'd share the Music is in Me layout I created about my oldest son. As you can tell, there is nothing very complicated in my scapbooking style. I like a nice clean (usually symmetrical) combination of journaling and pictures. This layout just makes me happy. I love tracing my son's musical … [Read more...]

Steven Curtis Chapman “One Heartbeat at a Time:” Simple Gift Sunday

One Heartbeat at a Time by Marty's Musings

(My daughter Rachel on her wedding day) I posted this last year on February 23, ran across it again and wanted to post it because it's such great encouragement for moms. Being a mother is the most exhilarating and challenging call on  my life. Some days I'm up for the challenge and some days I feel like a total failure. Then I get up and do … [Read more...]

Today is a Gift

Are You Drowning? by Marty's Musings

(I am on a scrapbooking retreat but wanted to leave this post, published first in January of this year, as encouragement for today.) Do you ever feel like you are drowning? Losing yourself in your kids or your job or your home or the demands on your life? For me, since our adoption it has been losing "me" in the craziness and trials of … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned in a Corn Maze

Lessons from the Corn Maze from Marty's Musings

What do you do when you want to find a fun activity for your family? You buy a Groupon, of course! I purchased a buy one get one free groupon for the local corn maze in our area. Thinking I was being smart, I bought two deals which gave me four tickets.  That was for us and our younger two. I had already talked to our married duaghter and she … [Read more...]

Project Life August 2012 Week 3

Project Life August 2012 Collage

This week's Project Life layout centered around my son Joshua and his move-in for sophomore year of college. The left side of the layout has hand written journaling as well as pics of my son and the oatmeal packets we made him for college. His seminary does not have a cafeteria so I try to send him some homemade frozen foods to make sure … [Read more...]