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Bethel Music “We Dance”: Simple Gift Sunday

Bethel Music "We Dance" - Marty's Musings

  This is a sweet, sweet song that's new to me. As usual I found it when listening to my Ipod, relaxing in the rocking chair that holds memories of babies rocked, books read, with debates and long talks finishing out many a day. There is just a passion in this Bethel Music "We Dance" video that I know I'm sharing it for someone … [Read more...]

31 Days: Hillsong “Stronger”: Simple Gift Sunday

Hillsong Worship song "Stronger" video and devotion from Marty's Musings

  Every Sunday for the past two years I have linked up a youtube worship video of some kind, whatever God was laying on my heart that week. My desire is still just to use Sundays as a time of reflection on faith and family. Some Sundays you might find a video here and sometimes it might just be writing about this crazy, … [Read more...]

Elevation Worship “Grace So Glorious”: Simple Gift Sunday

Elevation Worship "Grace So Glorious" - Marty's Musings

   This song from Elevation Worship "Grace So Glorious" is such a great way to start the new week. I'm returning from vacationing at the beach with the family and enjoying some much needed time away from the pressures of "doing it all:" wife, mom, homeschool teacher, blogger, writer, soon to be nana.  I always … [Read more...]

Colton Dixon “More of You”: Simple Gift Sunday

votion from Marty's Musings

Love the simple lyrics of this Colton Dixon "More of You" song. As a Christian artist Colton Dixon has come a long way since his "American Idol" days as a season 11 finalist. He won a Dove award for his first record and has just released  his second album "Anchor." The lyrics speak to me of the journey we are all on to seek … [Read more...]

For King and Country “Fix My Eyes”: Simple Gift Sunday

For King and Country "Fix My Eyes " - video and devotion from Marty's Musings

  My youngest daughter is an animal lover, to say the least. We walk around the block and she tells me all the names of the outdoor cats we see. We don't know the owners but she knows the cats! She loves to tell us every.single.detail about the activities of our own two cats. My husband doesn't quite have the same fanaticism as our … [Read more...]

Joy Williams “Here With Us”: Simple Gift Sunday

Joy Williams "Here With Us" - video and devotion from Marty's Musings-1

My 16-year-old daughter shared Joy Williams "Here With Us" with me and once I watched the video I knew it was perfect for my Simple Gift Sunday post. My oldest daughter is expecting our first grand child and I watch her full of hope and love, experiencing the emotional and physical upheaval of pregnancy.  I close my eyes and … [Read more...]

Kutless “Carry Me to the Cross”: Simple Gift Sunday

Kutless Carry Me to the Cross video and devotion - Marty's Musings

  Each week in these Simple Gift Sunday posts I try and share a word or inspiration that God has been impressing upon me during the week. Honestly, this week I'm just tired. Not feeling up to par. Run down. So I want to ask you, what is going on in your life right now?  What burdens do you need carried? Do you feel all … [Read more...]

Sara Groves “Going Home”: Simple Gift Sunday

Purina One Dog Food - Marty's Musings #OneDifference #PMedia #ad

  The lyrics of this song by Sara Groves "Going Home", tell the story of longings we may not understand, especially for our adopted children.  Of going home, I'll meet you at the table Going home, I'll meet you in the air And you are never too young to think about it Oh, I cannot wait to be home  Our adopted children … [Read more...]

Mercy Me “Finally Home”: Simple Gift Sunday

Mercy Me "Finally Home" video and devotion from Marty's Musings

From Mercy Me "Finally Home" is my Simple Gift Sunday selection for this Fourth of July weekend. My youngest two teenagers just arrived home from their mission trip to Charleston and this song is for them. I'm glad to have you back home safe! As a believer in Christ, I walk a path that will eventually lead me home.  As you watch … [Read more...]

Matt Redman “The Father’s Song”: Simple Gift Sunday

Matt Redman "The Father's Song" video and devotion - Marty's Musings

  On this Father's Day we remember those men who are such an important part of our lives. My own father passed away in 2009 but I remember his life and rejoice that he is pain free and made new in heaven. Today I will celebrate the amazing man who is father to our children, the man who has changed and grown as a father in so many … [Read more...]

The Piano Guys “How Great Thou Art”: Simple Gift Sunday

The Piano Guys "How Great Thou Art" video and devotion - Marty's Musings

  Have you heard of The Piano Guys? They are Youtube sensations with over 400 million views on their videos. I first fell in love with their music and wrote about them here. The video below is stunning in its beauty and magnificence. Here's what The Piano Guys had to say about their performance: As we considered what piece of music … [Read more...]

Hillsong United “Oceans”: Simple Gift Sunday

Hillsong United "Oceans" video and devotion - Marty's Musings

  (Pictures from my sweet daughter Stephanie, shot with my Iphone.) I am away enjoying a weekend of scrapbooking, crafting (and a little bit of blogging) and terrific meals with women I love. While I'm gone I'm leaving you this precious song to enjoy. Are you familiar with Hillsong United "Oceans"? It's truly one of my favorite … [Read more...]

Chris Tomlin and Christy Nockels “Glorious”: Simple Gift Sunday

Chris Tomlin and Christy Nockels "Glorious" video and devotion from Marty's Musings

  As we enjoyed a day at our favorite local strawberry farm yesterday, we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. Temps around 70 degrees with bright sun and these gorgeous ripe red berries just waiting for us! The words to Chris Tomlin and Christy Nockels "Glorious" just rang in my head. Majesty and power are Yours … [Read more...]

Gateway Worship “All I Need”: Simple Gift Sunday

Gateway Worship All I Need video and devotion from Marty's Musings

   I shared this Gateway Worship "All I Need" video nine months ago and yet today again as I went to my rocking chair, my comfort and place of sanctuary, I knew that someone out there needs to hear these same words again. Heart wounded and beaten, you feel lost and alone. You saved my life when I called Your name Gave me … [Read more...]

Hillsong “Man of Sorrows”: Simple Gift Sunday

Hillsong Man of Sorrows Video and Devotion - Marty's Musings

Last Sunday I shared a prize package giveaway for the Son of God Movie so I took a one week break from my Simple Gift Sunday regular posts, but I'm back! When you are a writer (and I have only recently in the last year allowed myself the honor of calling myself one!) you may never know how your words or heart have touched other lives. I have … [Read more...]